Campus Improvement Team

The Campus Improvement Team is dedicated to meet, plan, implement and follow up with students and school needs throughout the school year. The CIT maintains it focus on our schools Mission & Vision Statement when making decisions that will affect students performance.

Our dedicated team members work collaboratively to gain ground on utilizing every possible resource to educate our students, assist and guide them to reach educational excellence, and model for them to become life-long learners.

CIT Roles:

Member                                                         Role

Arambula, Ray                                              Teacher

Bridges, John                                                Teacher

Castillo, Yvonne                                            Support Staff

Student                                                           9th Grade

Devaney, Kathleen                                       Community Representative

Guzman, Mario                                              Teacher

Imai, Maria                                                      Teacher

Jones, Dianne                                               Administrator

Student                                                          11th Grade

Lissberger, Joe                                             Business Representative

Student                                                          10th Grade

Student                                                          12th Grade

Rueda, Elva                                                   Parent

Saenz, Ana                                                    Parent

Vance, Toby                                                  Teacher

Votta, Carlos                                                  Teacher

Campus Improvement Team minutes of meetings for 2015-2016: