Advanced Health


In this class, students will be reaserching, discussing, and analyzing health issues.
The ultimate goal of this class is to reinforce positive health behaviors.

Below is an overview of the topics that will be covered this semester:

-health profile (height, weight, bmi, nutrition, and activity levels)
-health promotion
-careers in the health field
-disease prevention
-community resources (clinics, rehab, costs of vaccines,  diabetes testing, cholesterol testing)
-effective communication and conflict resolution/mediation strategies
-behaviors in relationships that enhance dignity, respect, and responsibility
-responsibilities relating to marriage
-stages of fetal development
-prenatal care and nutrition
-alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and environmental hazards
-treatment plans for drug addiction
-relationship between drugs and alcohol consumption to date rape, STD acquisition, and other health hazards
-current laws relating to unacceptable behaviors such as harassment, acquaintance and statutory rape, and sexual abuse
-prevention of unplanned pregnancy and STD's