Health 1


I.          Course Title:   Health Education

            Subject Area: Health

            Course Number: HH1000

            Instructor: Claudia Galindo

            Location: Transmountain Early College High School, Rm  C103

            Telephone Number  832-4270


            Office Hours:  Mon/Wed/Fri:  1:00- 1:55  Tues & Thurs: 8:30 to 9:55

 II.       Required Text and Materials:

 A.       Bronson & Merki.  (2005) Glencoe Health Texas Edition (Health Ed)

            Woodland Hills, California:  McGraw-Hill.

 B.       Notebook, Pencil, USB, Laptop


 III.      Course Requirements:

A.        Assignments have been selected to assist you in meeting course objectives. 

            We will cover several chapters per week.

            For Health, all of your assignments are graded and weigh the same.

             A= 90-100,    B=80-89,  C=70-79,   D=60-69,   F=59 and below

B.        Attendance--   It is the student’s responsibility to attend class.  If you miss a class  please ask instructor for assignments missed.


C.        Late Work and Exams- Assignments & presentations are due on the specified date.   Exams must be taken on the scheduled dates.

 D.       Honesty is Always the Best Policy 

E.        Student Code of Conduct Following Student Code of Conduct to create a Safe, Learning Environment.  


IV.       Course Description

            HH100:           In health education, students acquire the health information and skills necessary to become healthy adults and learn about behaviors in                                     which they should and should not participate. To achieve that goal,  students will understand the following: students should first seek                                     guidance in the area of health from their parents; personal behaviors can increase or reduce health risks throughout the lifespan; health is                                     influenced by a variety of factors; students can recognize and utilize health information and products; and personal/interpersonal skills                                                        are needed to promote individual, family, and community health.

                                    In Health 1, students develop skills that will make them health-literate adults. Students gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge and                                     behaviors they use to safeguard their health, particularly pertaining to health risks. Students are taught how to access accurate                                     information that they can use to promote health for themselves and others. Students use problem-solving, research, goal-setting and                                     communication skills to protect their health and that of the community.



Weeks 1-3 Wellness

Class Overview


Chapter 1: Your Health & Wellness

Journal entries 


KWL Chart

Final Presentation 


Weeks 4-8 Body Systems 

Chapters 15-18









Reproductive Systems

& Pertaining Kinesthetic Labs.


Weeks 9-10 Violence Prevention, Injury Prevention & First Aid

Chapters 13, 27, 28

Refusal Skills

CPR Overview (American Heart Association)


Heat Exhaustion, Drowning, Hypothermia, Vehicle Safety


Weeks 11-13 Dangers of Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco  

Chapters 21-23

Lung Lab


Reflection Journal

Refusal Skills



Weeks 14-16 Human Sexuality, Prenatal Development, STI’s, Communicable Diseases, & Refusal Skills

Chapters 18, 19, 24-26


Time Health Abstinence 534

Week 17 Health Careers and Closure

Final Assessment of Wellness