Ducksworth, Claudia


The mission of Education 1300 is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
EDUC 1300: Mastering Academic Excellence is an institutionally  designated course that all EPCC students must complete as part of their core requirements for the Associates Degree.

This is a three-hour course that can be completed in one semester. EDUC 1300 is not a program in the traditional sense; rather, it is a college skills course that encompasses a wide spectrum of  topics and concepts that enhance student academic and social success in college. 

This course is designed to prepare students to manage their professional  life from a variety of different perspectives: managing change, critical  thinking, time management, goal-setting, conflict resolution, embracing  diversity, holistic health, and professional preparation are some of the topics  and concepts covered in this course that may be utilized in the workplace. 

Since EDUC 1300 is an institutionally designated course, every student  has the opportunity to apply its skills and concepts to further their employment potential in any career field they so choose. 

Conference Period: 9:00-9:56am Monday, Wednesday, Friday


1. Follow All District and School Policies & Procedures.

2. Arrive to class on time.

3. Mutual respect with teachers, other students, substitutes, and visitors.  Also respect for school facilities and equipment.

4.  Be courteous and listen when others are speaking.  It is unacceptable to talk when the teacher or others are speaking.

5. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy!

Cheating is dishonest, dishonorable, and will not be tolerated.  All parties caught doing so will receive a failing grade for the assignment or test.

6. Makeup work is your responsibility!

If you fail to meet the due date for makeup work please refer to the grading policy for late/incomplete work in your student handbook.

7. Refrain from being disruptive in class.  
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