SAT Vocabulary
Quiz Requirements: (You will have 12 minutes to complete the quiz).
1. Spell each word correctly
2Define each word correctly
3. Write a complete sentence for each word using the  word correctly.** Sentences must be:  (2) compound; (2) complex and (1) compound-complex. Students may use notes/handouts to create proper sentences.
** All SAT words must be recorded in the back of your composition book each week**
You will have one week to learn 5 SAT words each week  Your duty is to learn all you can about each word; looking up and recording the part(s) of speech for each word is required and must be recorded in your composition book. At times you will need to elaborate on the given definitions as well. You will be tested on the first day of the week at the beginning of class. ( Pds. 1, 3 and 4 will be tested on Mondays; Pds. 6, 7 and 9 will be tested on Tuesdays). Due to holidays, the days may be subject to change some weeks.
The goals in implementing these quizzes are to improve vocabulary, learn study skills, improve sentence structure and spelling.

SAT Vocabulary- Week # 1  Quiz on August 31st (A) and Sept. 1st (B)
pundit: expert authority; commentator
warrant: arrest authorization; seizure justification
commendable: praiseworthy; admirable
abrogate: to repeal; to abolish
amnesty: forgiveness; pardon