EPCC Honors
EPCC Honors Project

I encourage everyone to participate in the EPCC Honors program, but please note that, for English, Honors projects will only be offered during the first semester .

Meetings will be held afterschool on assigned dates.
**You must attend scheduled meetings with me in order to complete the project. Failure to attend, will result in you defaulting on the project and will not receive credit for the assignment.  

English 1301 –Honors Program Assignment

Fall 2015



Read: Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

You are required to obtain a copy of the book yourself; you may consider borrowing from the library, looking for an online version, or buying it.


Additional Materials: A one subject notebook


Page 1 will be: a cover page with your name and email

Next page will be:  a biography of Morrie Schwartz (If possible please include a photo)

Next page will be: a biography of Mitch Albom

Reading Log

You must keep a reading log complete with notes and summary of each chapter. As you are reading, and at the end of each chapter summary, keep a list of questions and/or thoughts that you would like to discuss at our meetings. Keep a list of references, notes, or thoughts along with the page number of the text. Be prepared to turn your log into me at the end of the project.

Example: on page 1 we learn that Morrie had only one student. Why was this?

Or -  I believe that the student was extremely fortunate to have a person of such caliber teaching him life’s lessons.


II. Interview

After reading the memoir, interview a parent or senior citizen and ask for any advice he would pass on to you, the younger generation. The advice can be over any subject area. Retain a transcript of the questions and the interview to hand in. Please limit your questions to 20 or less. Please review the questions with me prior to your interview.


III. Reflection

Synthesize what you learned from the novel and from your interview. Demonstrate your newfound understanding in one of the following forms.


A. An original poem of 15 lines or more in length (presentation will be graded)

B. A short essay comparing two ideas expressed by the person you interviewed and Morrie. 

    (maximum 2 pages)

D. An art piece capturing your experience – you may use any medium

E. A framed photograph of you and the person you interviewed– to be given to the person as a thank you gesture for sharing their thoughts with you. This will include a thank you note from you (to be given to them after being turned in to me first)




Sample notebook page:

Please use one page per chapter – you may use the front and back of the pages.

Chapter 1 –The Curriculum


1. Notes about the chapter (a short synopsis)…In this chapter we learn that this is the professor’s last class, it takes place once a week, and the subject of the class was the Meaning of life.



2. A comment or question about this chapter.

I wonder why the professor would want to teach a class at this stage in his life?



I feel that the student was extremely fortunate to be able to take a class with the professor at this point in his life. The life lessons he might learn may prove to be more valuable than any type of education he has had the opportunity to experience.